Music and the Brain

The human brain is the most complex system known to exist
and has more connections than all the stars in the Universe.
If you use yours with conscious awareness and intention
coupled with the right kind of music,
you will be able to achieve a state of mind and mood
that will give you what you search for.



I started playing the piano at age 4, having innate talents recognized and supported by my mother and, later, in my life-long career as a clinical psychotherapist working in mental health for over 50 years, my passion has become to combine the benefits of music with the skills and techniques I taught and used with the patients I served over the years into a meaningful blending of music and personal empowerment. The conscious recognition and use of this merging can enhance not only the personal strengths of others but also recognize how to make the most out of their daily lives. In addition, demonstrating the immense value of such powerful concepts as positive thinking, gratitude and hope, making this a integral part of their very being, will contribute significantly to personal confidence and self-esteem as well as confidence in what lies ahead in the future.

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