LADE Gold Trumpet Bb b Flat Brass Trumpet With Case & Accessories


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Material: Brass
Bellmouth Diameter:125 mm
Interface Diameter: 11.65mm
Package size: 53 * 24 * 14cm
Package weight: 1220g / 2.68Lb


1.Made of high-quality brass, B flat.
2.Durable and exquisite design to satisfy your taste.
3.Tone is strong, sharp, highly brilliant feeling
4.Sound is ringing, clear, sharp, highly playing skills and rich expressional force
5.Come with a padded box for protecting instrument and easy storage, convenient to carry along.
6.It is a high musical instrument in family of copper tube, not only be rolled out a clear the clarino, also be rolled out a beautiful and rich cantabile melody

Package Included:

1 * Trumpet
1 * Mouthpiece
1 * Cleaning Cloth
2 * Gloves
1 * Case


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