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Freedom and Peace at the Sea


I began playing the piano at age 4, when my mother noticed that I had innate musical talents and eagerly sought a piano teacher in the small town where I was raised in the Colorado Rockies, leading me on a path that I follow to this day . . .  MUSIC!   This includes playing the piano, composing and listening to music have became a lifelong passion and has become a deep part of who I am as a person.  In addition, I worked in the field of social services and mental health since I was 22 years old, retiring in 2015 after over 53 years in the field, the last 30 of which involved treatment as a clinical psychotherapist for individuals, children and adults, couples, family and group counseling with special focus on adults with chronic mental illness in my last years.  Music and mental health are a beautiful asset in the joy of daily life and it is my quest to share how both can be incorporated into a pattern and blending of understandings, skills, concepts and behaviors that can be instrumental in making one a better person, taking things a step at a time.   Join me and others in this quest to bring meaning and strength into your own life and into the lives of those around you.  The key is to trigger your intention to make good things happen in your own life and create a more positive attitude and hope now and for the future that lies ahead.

Feel free to contact me anytime . . .  I will always be there for you.  Be confident that you now have someone who truly cares about you and will help guide you in achieving the optimum potential in your own life.  Contact email:  easierlistening@cox.net

Bill Joseph